Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Lock up your chickens in Clayton!!!

This fox was spotted on a rooftop deck of my neighbor's home in Clayton.

Only in Upstate NY kids... Only in Upstate.


Since I have your attention I'd like to discuss a new deal finding service for shoppers in Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence Counties....

This is how I envision the blog working - you are either a shopper with a keen eye or a maybe even a good hearted employee of one of the major local retailers. When an unadvertised special hits the floor or you score a great deal, you send me an email at I'll start publishing the deals as I gain a critical mass. Hopefully, it will save you some $$$ and make for some interesting reading.

I'll start it off - Today I saw a Panasonic GS-32 Mini DV camcorder in Sam's Club for $175. This camcorder was $250 a week ago and is well reviewed on the web.

Now email your deals to

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