Monday, April 03, 2006

Monday Preview...

I don't like to do much stock specific commentary for obvious reasons, but it's worth noting the passing of Lucent as a result of their merger with Alcatel.

Lucent still has a ton of products, customers, etc, but I'll never get that $3 price out of my head. Sure you're up from the $1 price where you traded in Oct 2002, but looking at your 10yr chart this last little run barely even registers.

This is sure to spark talk of more consolidation/acquisitions in the space (NT, Ericsson, etc) but this industry feels like the US domestic car market - people still buy their products, but why?

Speaking of GM, there is talk that GMAC might be sold. Good riddance. Assuming the price is viewed as sufficient this should buoy GM and the markets at the open, but this does not fix GM's product problems (and that pesky Delphi issue - yeah they mention the big B word for GM).

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