Monday, October 09, 2006

For the Uber-Geek in you...

There is a 99% chance that if you're reading about financial matters on some random blog that you do not care who or what a Youtube is. But, for your children and your grandchildren it is a ubiquitous source of copyrighted video that can be rapidly access and shared around the globe.

Just a month or so after debuting their own video service, Google has decided to buy Youtube. I could go on for months how I hate this deal, but I think Google has a little bit of Microsoft paranoia going on right now and they are afraid of getting "googled" (to come out of nowhere and become the most dominant brand in the universe in 5 yrs) themselves. So I guess they figure it's a $1.65 billion insurance policy.

I'd say there is a 50% chance that Youtube's main source of good content (copyrighted video) is pulled in the next couple of years. Add to that the unreal amount of ads they will start forcing on young people that generally have the attention span of a fruit fly and you can see why I hate this deal.

BTW - Does no one remember this deal from the glory days in 1999???

Yahoo completes acquisition

Yahoo today said its $5.04 billion acquisition of Internet audio and video streaming company is a done deal, and it will begin integrating multimedia services throughout the Yahoo network.'s content and services will be integrated during the third quarter of 1999.
The acquisition, first announced in April, will create an independent Yahoo Broadcast Services unit, allowing corporate customers to take advantage of Webcasting services and allowing advertisers and merchants to incorporate video and audio in their marketing.

All this deal did was introduce the world to Mark Cuban. Thanks Yahoo....

"Why don't you ask the kids in Tiananmen square,
Was fashion the reason why they were there?"

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