Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Personality Profiles of the Fifty States

The Wall Street Journal published an interesting map of the US with various state rankings and their personality profiles. I think we over analyze state borders sometimes (the people of Western MA, Vermont and Eastern NY for example have much more in common with each other than the people in the Berkshires have with anyone in Boston or people in Saratoga with people in NYC) but it's still a fun interactive map.

It's interesting to click through and see where your state ranks in different categories like extroversion, openness, and agreeableness.

I'd argue Upstate NY's personality is much more akin to that of Northern Vermont, but we're lumped together by state so NY ranks high in Neuroticism.

Perhaps my favorite statistic in the entire chart? Alaska's rankings.

Extroversion - 49
Agreeableness - 51
Conscientiousness -51
Neuroticism - 47
Openness - 49

Alaskans are apparently introverted, ill-natured, and a closed-minded people. It must be the weather up there.


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