Friday, October 10, 2008

Laugh of the Day!


HQ said...

Hi Brian
Jeremy Barlow (another local) has written a piece for Danger Democrat called the 50 trillion dollar bet. Would you like to read it and offer your comments?
Here it is.

Anonymous said...

Here is an investment comparison that I do not mind sharing since I just got my retirement investment balances Friday.

I started saving for retirement in 1964 with a monthly deposit that was split 50/50 between mutual funds and a flexible annuity.

The annutiy is now worth $675,000 and makes money every month.

The mutual fund is worth $178,000 not including Friday afternoon losses.

In the 44 year history, only in the 90's was there a few months when the stock fund was out performing the annuity. And, of course the annuity was never worth less than my contribution.

Why do these bozo's keep saying that stocks are best in the long run? Bull ! If 44 years isn't the long run, what is?

The Artful Blogger said...

thanks for the comments - Re: annuities vs. stock market. Annuities are stock investments. You pay a huge fee for the pleasure of letting an insurance company invest in the stock market for you.

If your annuity really did beat your mutual fund by that much, you're probably in a really poorly managed fund.

The message to investors is that you will have to be much more actively engaged in managing your retirement.