Monday, October 06, 2008

Meet the Child Protege with the $700 billion Wallet...

I know it's late, but I've become a bit of a fantasy football addict (Reggie Bush has made me very happy tonight). Look for the appointment of Neel Kashkari to be a hot subject tomorrow. Mr. Kashkari is a 35 year-old former investment banker that worked for.... wait for it, wait for it ........... ta da! GOLDMAN SACHS (Hmmm, seems like some guy named Paulson used to run that place).
I don't doubt Mr. Kashkari is extremely skilled but I think his limited experience at Treasury (he joined the Treasury in 2007) and limited experience in general (he didn't exit grad school until 2002!) is going to be hot topic among the public that was already strongly opposed to this deal. So someone with 4 yrs experience as a mid-level VP at Goldman (there are hundreds if not over a thousand people at Goldman with similar titles) is now heading up the biggest bailout in recent times.


Anonymous said...

I expect nothing more than poor decisions from the clowns in government. Young guy with no experience should be easy to manipulate and play the fall guy should something go wrong with the GS bail-out. That would be cynical if it weren't so true.

RWiley said...

I agree anon 1.

Yesterday CNN was announcing breaking news on the Economy. George Bush and John McCain were both going to address the economy.

The POTUS was shown stepping off Air Force 1 which cost $57,000. per hour just to operate and announced that it would take a few years for the bailout theft (my word) to affect the common citizen.

John McCain stepped off Cindy's giant private jet and announced that only he had the solutions that will help main street.

Is that providing confidence?