Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

I'll start by confessing - I'm not a shopper. I hate the randomly wandering a store with the idea that I might stumble upon some deal. So you can imagine how much I enjoy Black Friday.

There was just a story on the local news in NYC about a stampede at a Walmart store that caused injuries and at least one heart attack. Really? To save $50 on a GPS?

The best "deal" I saw in Walmart's flyer is $598 for 42" 1080p LCD TV. That's about $100 less than similar TV's but there is no need to go out battle the masses. Walmart and all other retailers have these deals online. You click add to cart (choose site-to-store shipping at Walmart) and avoid the hassles.

Finally, I spent a half an hour going through all of the flyers yesterday and frankly, if you check any of the deal tracking websites (Dealnews is a personal favorite) you'd see that none of the prices advertised were meaningfully better than the average price online recently.

The age of consumerism is finally coming to an end (although you wouldn't know it from watching the images on TV this morning).



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