Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Feds Keep Spending Like a Drunken Clayton Transplant in NYC.*

The Big Picture beat me with this post, but it's worth a duplicate post.

A simply stunning image of where your government has managed to spend about $8 trillion this year. Now, not all of it is "spent" much of is in the form of guarantees, but those guarantees can come back to haunt us if things don't turn around.

Given the level of competence displayed by most public officials as of late, I'm sure this money won't be mismanaged at all.
I'll note that there was a study that reviewed the current volatility in the markets. The past 50 days have been the most volatile in at least the last 100 years. It's interesting to note that most of the most volatile periods (29, 31-33, 87 and 2008) have periods of prolonged weakness in the markets.
* I'll be doing my part to stimulate the NYC economy tonight.

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