Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Well That Was Ugly - Sell the News Again...

Two factors seemed to drive today's action:

1) The end of the election cycle which had been bought aggressively over the past few days and

2) A return to the focus on fundamentals (and one particularly harsh call from Ms. Gloom Meredith Whitney).

The technicians are getting antsy again and I'm concerned about Friday's jobs number. The Gov't data has been about 130,000 jobs worse than the ADP # which was awful today. Goldman Sachs predicted that Friday's employment number could be the worst in 20 years and it won't surprise me if that happens. It will be important to review the birth/death adjustment.

There are an awful lot of bears that became short-term bulls in the past few weeks. It won't take much to shake their confidence - true bear markets wipe out bulls and bears.

Consider tonight's headlines -

Whole Foods sells 17% of itself after weak results
Cisco sees revenue falling as economic woes spread
News Corp. Falls as Declining Ad Sales Cut 2009 Forecast
Time Warner Profit Slips

But on the plus side, we're apparently drinking more....

Results for Molsen Coors

Also, note that Dr. Roubini (The Original Dr. Doom) was out today with an article on the prospects of a hard landing in China -- however, I think this is like predicting Lake Effect snow in Pulaski as some point from Jan to March, kind of a no-brainer.

**** Thanks to anyone searching and finding me through the Alexa toolbar. I don't exactly understand the mechanism behind Alexa, but apparently I jumped 1.6 million spots today to the 8 millionth (roughly) most popular website reached through Alexa. ***


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