Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Forrester predicts a 3% decline in IT spending and I predict

a decline in the number of people buying research services from Forrester :)

3% really? Have they talked to any C-level executives in the US? If you are decision maker at a firm and you see your sales trending down 10-20% in 2009 where would your be cutting back? I think slowing the replacement rate of technology products is probably a pretty good place to start.

As I often preach you have to look for conflicts when you hear data like this - Forrester is a research firm that sells it's research products to many ............. you guessed it Technology firms. So it's probably in their best interest to have a positive bias toward the tech industry.

"Forrester reckons that spending on software will be flat at $388bn. Sales of computer equipment - PCs, servers, storage, and such - is expected to come in at $434bn, down 4 per cent from the $450bn level set in 2008 around the globe. Spending on IT services is expected by Forrester to be the big ticket item in 2009, at $484bn."

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