Wednesday, January 21, 2009

In the immortal words of LL Cool J - Don't Call It A Comeback!

What a strange day in the markets. The markets opened up strong by misunderstanding IBM's results and slowly ground down to breakeven by 11am. After about 1:30 a number of influential traders decided that there was a bottom forming in financials and the markets soared from there to the end of the day. This continues the recent trend - the markets have become an online casino with few ties to reality.

This evenings news might continue the happy times for awhile. Apple lowered their outlook but not as much as some had feared and in the perverse language of Wall Street that was good news.

Despite my continued ridicule of Citigroup it delivered a nice 30% return today. If you were on the right side of that trade take your 30%, put it in your mattress and sleep well tonight.

I can't figure out if this is good idea or kind of like selling packaged snow to Northern NYers in January.

"Tired of paper receipts clogging your wallet or purse? Is waiting for a new roll of paper to be added to the cash register slowing your shopping momentum?

TransactionTree recently released a breakthrough paperless receipt service, to help with these and other problems related to paper receipts. Through the system, retailers will now have the ability to offer the option of email receipts to their customers, rather than paper copies. Now, you won't have to remember where you put your receipt if you want to return an item — it's already in your inbox.

TransactionTree's email option integrates with most existing point-of-sale (POS) systems, meaning existing equipment can be used on the system. The service also enables retailers to track customer shopping trends, create additional avenues for direct marketing, as well as aid in reduction of overhead spending by eliminating receipt paper expenses. "

After thinking about it a little more, this is little more than another marketing scam trying to pass itself off as a "green" option. Walmart would love to send me electronic receipts, while pulling info that shows that I buy 3 supersize boxes of ho-ho's every Wednesday night. Guess how many emails Walmart would send me on Tuesday offering me $0.015 off any 3 boxes of ho-ho's purchased on Wednesday?


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