Thursday, January 22, 2009

Upstate jobs data...

Yesterday, the local news aggregator - Newzjunky - put up a chart of the December unemployment rate in St. Lawrence, Lewis and Jefferson counties. I was really struck by the jump in December's jobless rate (up 40%) until I realized that the data was raw and not seasonally adjusted.

I took the liberty of recreating a December unemployment rate for December from 1990 through 2008. This should eliminate the issue of seasonality and give us a better picture of where we stand today. I think it is interesting to note that while unemployment hovered above 10% for all of the 90's, the last 7 years were very good to Jefferson county (due in large part to Fort Drum's expansion) as unemployment in December bounced between 6 and 8%.

However, the trendline appears to have been broken in December 2008.

A couple of further notes:

* the denominator in this calculation is the Jefferson county workforce which remains at just over 44k. A gain or loss of just 4oo jobs can swing the unemployment rate a full percentage point.

* while I couldn't find population data for Jefferson county in the early 90's I suspect that our population totals were meaningfully below the current levels. Thus, while the unemployment rate was substantially higher in the 90's it is possible this data was skewed by a small denominator.

So what does this mean? Jefferson county has not historically been a boom/bust/boom region because of the stability of our industries and our large reliance on state and federal employment. However, I think there is little doubt that the last 7 years have been a time of unprecedented growth in the North Country. Unfortunately, if government budgets are suddenly under pressure, then I think there a real risk of revisiting the double digit unemployment that we saw in the mid-90's.


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Markets are holding up reasonably well considering the wealth of bad news out there. I'll be back tonight with more thoughts on some of key news of the day.

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ConcernedCitizen said...

I took the liberty of linking to your informative post.
Is it safe to assume that each year is represented by a square dot and the first dot is 1990?

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