Monday, February 09, 2009

Save some cash and create your own stimulus plan

A random collection of ideas to save some cash in these tight times:

Entertainment - Show Time Warner to the Door: I'm taking my own advice here. It's hard to go cold turkey but consider dropping to a basic plan. Hulu, and are all providing decent amounts of free content if you're desperate to see the latest episode of "So You Wanna Be Smarter Than a Dancing American 5th Grader?

Watch movies at home: Become a Netflix fanboy. When was the last time you enjoyed spending $40 at the movies. Consider adding the Roku Netflix Player and you can stream video to you laptop or tv.

Phone Service - I've used Packet8 and Viatalk (but Vonage is the same idea) for VOIP service. $15-$25/mth for a reliable landline is very reasonable. MagicJack is all over the TV and I've had the service for over a year. The quality of the calls from MagicJack is below average but if you want a cheap phone - it's hard to beat $20/year.

Exercise - I've spent up to $150/mth in the past to be part of the "right" gym. A good pair of shoes = running all you want for free. If you need to spend some money - I'm a huge fan of the Beachbody DVDs featuring Tony Horton (P90x kicks butt!).

Any other tips from readers??????

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