Thursday, March 05, 2009

Jon Stewart takes apart CNBC...

Oh, this is precious.... CNBC home to the perma-bulls gets ripped apart by Jon Stewart. It's a long video, but there are 3 or 4 laugh out loud moments.

You can see the video here....
In CNBC's defense many of these clips are old, but the Daily Show puts them together in priceless way. I've finally, thrown in the towel on CNBC. I watch bloomberg online and my mental health has improved vastly.



Scott A. said...

Given that I started learning last September by watching CNBC, it's a little hard for me to walk away. However, the stranger they get, the more I'm inclined to do what you do.

CNBC appeals, I think, to the 'little knowledge' crowd (like me). If you watch it, you *feel* like you're in the know. That kind of unearned certainty pervades cable news, but it's especially dangerous in an area where most people have opinions, but probably shouldn't.


The Artful Blogger said...

The video is a little unfair to Mr. Santelli who is one of the few voices of reason on CNBC, in my opinion. They are entertainers and should be viewed as such.

Bloomberg is a more balanced view of the markets in my opinion.

And yes, I do censor the comments when they have a political leaning or add little value. Barry Riholtz is the leading authority on financial blogs and this was his advice to me early on.

Feel free to keep commenting but keep it positive.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but it's way beyond me how one could even remotely entertain the idea that left wing-nut "entertainment" is not political, and then somehow think that to commment on said political commentary is inapropriate political commentary.

I don't even think that qualifies as double-speak. I think for (you/1) to comment/censor the comment (me/2) on the political comment (Stewart/3) of a political comment (Santelli/4), is like triple speak, and I guess worthy of the blog wherin it lies.

I think I'll just go back to making money.

That being said, Might I suggest that you could "entertain" the concept of keeping the blog for Biz, and the entertainment for the twitter'ers/

It would be a shame to see your good intent get bogged down by unecessary censorship :)