Thursday, March 05, 2009

Occupations with the most expected hiring in the North Country

I found this list over at the NYS Department of Labor (link here)

1. Bus Drivers, School
2. Chief Executives (huh?)*
3. Child care
4. Social workers
5. Psychologists
6. Computer support specialists
7. Cooks, Institution/Cafeteria
8. Secretaries and Admin Assistants (for all of those CEO's?)
9. Supervisors of housekeeping/janitorial workers
10. Food prep workers
11. Home health aides
12. Janitors
13. Librarians
14. Vocational Nurses
15. Occupational Therapists
16. Office Clerks
17. Personal/Home care aides
18. Registered Nurses
19. Secretaries
20. Security guards
21. Word processors/typists

Ugh, that's not exactly a list of jobs that can get you excited about the prospects of a revival of the upstate economy.

* Chief Executives? How did that end up on the list? Are there hundreds of local companies wandering aimlessly without the guidance of a CEO?



Anonymous said...

It's "Free savings and credit COUNSELLING"

Anonymous said...

No, actually it's COUNSELING

RWiley said...

Actually, you are a bit behind as Chief Executive was crossed off the list at 1:00 this afternoon when James Wright was offered that job as Chair of the DANC........ Snicker.

One more thing. I had to make a big decision today...a bottle of wine or 4 shares of GM. I went with the wine.

As always, a great daily read, Grindstone.