Thursday, March 19, 2009

Terrafugia - A local connection

Terrafugia is a Woburn, MA company that has been working on car/plane/Jetson vehicle that can be seen at their website.
They have been doing the press circuit today promoting their "Transition" plane which apparently had it's maiden voyage at Plattsburgh Int'l Airport about two weeks ago (link here for video/photos). I love the fact that we can claim Plattsburgh as part of NNY despite the fact that it's almost 200 miles from here to Plattsburgh.
This is clearly a neat concept, my 8 year-old would go crazy over one of these, but the commercial applications seem silly - $194,000 for a plane that can only fly 500 miles and only goes 115mph so you can avoid that tiresome task of
"having to switch your bags from your plane to your car after you land".
That is seriously their top selling point. If it's raining when you land you can just pull up the wings and drive away from the airport without having to get wet while walking to your car. Seems like that's worth about $200k.
Either way, it's an interesting story with a local twist.

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