Thursday, April 23, 2009

Does Time Warner = Darth Vader?

I'm not enough of a science fiction buff to draw a better parallel, but Time Warner's moves in North Carolina seem to indicate they reside pretty squarely on the dark side.

According to Engadget, Time Warner is lobbying the North Carolina legislature to ban Community based internet/cable providers like Greenlight which is a city owned internet/cable/phone provider in Wilson, NC.

Greenlight offers some pretty solid packages ranging from

*$99 for 81 cable channels, unlimited phone service, and 10Mbps (down and up) internet
*$170 for every single channel including premiums and 20Mbps up/down internet.

Time Warner's plan has fewer channels and less bandwidth for an "introductory rate" of $137. Time Warner argues that it can't compete with community-owned services that sell their services for cost.

What's next Wal-mart suing to stop me from growing my own tomatoes because they can't compete with my cost? Disney suing to stop me from enjoying my home rather than vacationing at Disneyworld?


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