Sunday, June 28, 2009

I think it's spelled K-A-R-M-A

You probably recall my disapproval of the breathless media coverage of the dreaded H1N1 virus earlier this year. From all of the reports I read, it was clear that while this was a contagious virus it was not a serious health threat to healthy individuals and the symptoms appear to be mild.

So, when a member of my household tested positive last week it kind of brought the story full circle.

My observations:

1) The flu itself isn't as bad as the seasonal flu. High temp, sluggishness and some coughing. If the seasonal flu is a 6.5 on the 1-10 pain scale, the H1N1 would probably be a 3.

2) This sickness has been all over the North Country for the past 3 weeks and everyone kept sending their kids to school because the recovery is so fast (you feel back to normal in about 48 hours).

3) Roche Pharma made a killing off my family's Tamiflu prescriptions.

4) If we ever get a dangerous pandemic we will have a real problem because I feel like I was the only person that actually followed any of the CDC's recommendations (although I drew the line at wearing surgical masks around the house).

If you're a casual reader of the blog you might not understand where my natural distrust of all things Goldman Sachs comes from. Rolling Stone - don't laugh, some of the best investigative reporting comes out of Rolling Stone - did a long, detailed report on the home of the original Banksters and their move to create the next great bubble.

I'm not gifted enough in the ways of ipaper to post the article so I'll link to the Big Picture's post here.

Michigan is experiencing a severe state budget crisis as a result of the reshaping of the auto industry. This description of their State Police pension policy seems shocking. Does anyone know if NY's state police are on a similar model?

"Troopers start getting a portion of their pension while still working and simultaneously collecting their regular salary. The amount of pension they can collect is 30 percent the first year, 50 percent the second, and then increases 10 percent each year until eventually they are getting full pension and full pay before they have retired. The money is not paid out to them immediately but is deposited into an interest-bearing retirement account they get when they really retire."

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal if you could avoid the whole getting shot at thing....

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sharonwue said...

retired NYS employee here- to tell you NY Police/troopers/etc. do not have a deal like this. They have a good deal- but NYS retirees cannot receive pension AND continue working for the state. Police/Troopers/ and the like can retire at 50% salary after 25 years- and if they get heart disease during their working years, the presumption is that job-related stress brought it about (and they get disability for this). This applies to the tier that is currently retiring. There may be (now or soon) a newer tier that would have different conditions applying to people who are starting their careers now.