Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Student debt by state

You can see a larger version of this map at this website. As many of our local best and brightest get ready to leave their high schools behind and head off to college I found this chart pretty enlightening. It appears that in the Northeast our students get burdened with a disproportionate amount of debt due in part to the schools in the Northeast having more history and higher tuition rates.

How about Sarah Lawrence at $53k/year? I think I'd rather give my daughters $212k to go start their own plumbing business.

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Anonymous said...

It seems post-secondary education is the one business model in the country that still works. I'm all for education, but sadly, many institutions that provide it are concerned more with profit than educating their students.

As noted in a study published yesterday, over half of post-secondary students don't earn a bachelor's degree within SIX years! Obviously it's due too many factors. One of which is the way particular institutions schedule classes in order to keep students enrolled beyond the usual four years.

It's ridiculous that anyone should be paying $53,000 a year to attend an undergraduate degree program.