Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Time to get long the direct mail business in Upstate NY...

For the second time in 2009, it looks like there will be an open race to fill a US House seat from Upstate NY. I try to avoid political issues like the plague mostly because I prefer rationale discourse and politics causes people to lose their bearings.

Having said that, this race to replace Rep. John McHugh will likely lead to a surge in direct mail in my mailbox and robocalls pelting me from every angle until the election.

Here's a question for the local political blogs: Could an independent ever win in Upstate NY? I sense that most of my neighbors are probably lean more independent than either Republican or Democratic, despite what their voter registration may say. Perhaps I'm wrong and my view of the 23rd congressional district may be skewed by my proximity to Watertown and the river, but I'd love to see a well-funded, independent thinker give it a shot -- just don't call my house between 6pm and 9pm :).

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