Monday, August 31, 2009

Does Craigslist not translate across the border?

I've speculated before that Watertown, NY's Craigslist was receiving more postings than Kingston, ON but I had never actually gone through the websites to compare the two before today.

Wow - it's not a slight difference. It's staggering. Nearly 20 postings in Watertown on Sunday for every 1 posting in Kingston. Over 600 total "for sale" postings on Sunday in Watertown to just under 30 in Kingston. Kingston has a substantially larger population than Watertown (and is probably about equal to the that of the Jeff/Lewis/St. Lawrence county region) and has a high concentration of university students that have been Craigslist users since the beginning, so why are there so few users relative to Watertown? I Craigslist is wildly popular in Toronto, Montreal, etc., so what gives in Kingston?

I don't have an answer but if anyone has a good guess let me know....


sharonwue said...

It looks like the Kijiji site is where the Kingston crowd posts their free classifieds. Maybe Craigslist was late to the game in Kingston.

The Artful Blogger said...

Thanks for the tip on Kijiji. I'd heard of it but never bothered to visit the site.

It's a bit cluttered with all of the sponsored ads, etc, but the thumbnail images are a vast improvement over craigslist's.