Wednesday, August 19, 2009

European cell pricing vs. US pricing...

Sweet! We only pay 5 times Europeans for our cell service!

Unlike Europe, callers in Canada and the US pay to receive messages -- but even factored in North American customers are paying considerably more than dozens of other countries. On average, the OECD found that Americans pay $635.85 on cell phone service, compared to $131.44 per year in the Netherlands or $137.94 per year in Sweden.

The study highlights how prices have decreased 21% for low-usage (360 calls per year, 390 SMS, 8 MMS) consumers, 28% for medium usage, and by about 32% for high usage (1680 calls per year, 660 SMS)consumers. Still, a medium use customer in the United States (780 calls per year, 600 SMS, and eight MMS) pays $53 a month for service, compared to $11 a month for service in the Netherlands.

Wow - $11 month for cell service, even I might pay for that :)

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Anonymous said...

India has usd 2.00 (yup that is a decimal there) for a lifetime connection on prepaid .. postpaid starts at usd 2 per month