Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Good news from GM?

I'm always the skeptic and I find it extremely convenient that the EPA changed it's fuel mileage measurements for electric vehicles after GM was effectively rescued by the government.

However, since GM has been given the greenlight on the Volt expect to see a ton of advertising around this new number in 2010-11 ---- 230 Miles Per Gallon!!!!

"The biggest bombshell is Henderson's announcement that the "230" marketing campaign floating around for the past week is related to the 2011 Chevrolet Volt. The EPA has released a new methodology for determining a draft fuel economy standard for extended-range EVs like the Volt, and under this new procedure, the Volt will have a composite urban fuel economy rating of 230 mpg! On the electric side, the Volt will consume 25 kW/hours per 100 miles. That makes the Volt the first car ever to get a triple digit fuel economy rating."

This is only city mileage but it's sure to get plenty of attention.

On a related subject - Tesla turned a profit in July!

"Silicon Valley electronic car darling Tesla Motors banked a profit of $1 million in July, based on $20 million in revenues brought in through delivery of 109 of its $109,000 sports cars.

I had the rare chance to drive a Tesla and can say that if I had a spare six-figure inheritance in my possession, I might well have coughed up for one of these beauties. The earnings this quarter could put to rest critics' claims that the company would never break out of the red.

The Tesla Roadster is the only electric vehicle for sale that can travel more than 200 miles per charge, a key selling point to American consumers who don't like the idea of stepping out on dinky battery coverage. The Tesla is also greased lightning, with whiplash--inducing acceleration 0-to-60mph in 4 seconds. That bests almost all other high-end production sports cars by a comfortable margin."

It's a little misleading because they recognized revenue on the delivery of the cars in July but incurred costs for many years prior to delivery. However, Tesla's the real deal and when they get production cost down they might own the auto industry.


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Anonymous said...

Just keep in mind that the "electric" vehicles produce more CO2 than gasoline models per mile driven, due to the pollution of the electric power plants. Now if we were all nuclear that would change.
The electric vehicle buzz is feel good technology, vs good technology.
Much like the "stimulous" is feel good economic health, vs real econimic health.
Both make me cough