Friday, October 09, 2009

Friday Reading....

Dow sees huge market in solar shingles....

"Dow Chemical Co said on Monday it would begin selling a new rooftop shingle next year that converts sunlight into electricity -- and could generate $5 billion in revenue by 2015 for the company.

The new solar shingles can be integrated into rooftops with standard asphalt shingles, Dow said, and will be introduced in 2010 before a wider roll-out in 2011.

"We're looking at this one product that could generate $5 billion in revenue by 2015 and $10 billion by 2020," Jane Palmieri, managing director of Dow Solar Solutions, told Reuters in an interview.

The shingle will use thin-film cells of copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS), a photovoltaic material that typically is more efficient at turning sunlight into electricity than traditional polysilicon cells.

Dow is using CIGS cells that operate at higher than 10 percent efficiency, below the efficiencies for the top polysilicon cells -- but would cost 10 to 15 percent less on a per watt basis."

That's a really interesting idea. I'd like to see a few of these installed and see their performance in all weather conditions before saying it's a $5 billion product.

Canada reported a surprisingly strong number of jobs created in September.

This is tied into the recent uptick in the other major natural resource economy - Australia. China has been on a natural resource buying spree around the globe and that is probably fueling some of this growth.

The Canadian dollar is back to $1.04 to $1 US and that should be a positive for local retailers that look for shopping tourism to help smooth out the peaks and valleys of the local economy.

This is an overly simplistic explanation of the the US dollar's impact on stocks, but consider that as the US $ has fallen in the past year the amount of physical assets (oil, stocks, etc) purchased in dollars has remained static. So while the currency has fallen it's forced the price of the assets up.

I'm still of the opinion that we're going to oscillate in an out of recession for the next few years, but beware the power of asset bubbles to emerge when we least expect them.
Finally, thanks to everyone that installed the Alexa toolbar. I've cracked the TOP 1,000,000 global websites!!!! I've got a long way to go to catch the big boys, but it's a step in the right direction. Thank you for your continue visits and comments!


Anonymous said...

I read about the Dow chemical solar shingles earlier this week. If only a politician in New York would get behind "feed in tariffs." The technology to make us all energy producers is fast approaching, and it will only get more affordable. Florida and Europe get it, why can't we?

The Hermit said...

Investors: Increasing solar shingles demand = increased commodity prices.
All paper currencies loose value over time. This run up in gold prices simply reflects the loss of value of paper's purchasing power. Remembering when gold was under $100 and silver was $1.67, before the Hunt Bros. attempt to corner the market, proves the theory. As with stocks, buy for the long term and you will beat inflation.