Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How to reconcile Dow 10,000 and the Costco Survivalists?

There was little question today that the market was going to power through 10,000. The Dow is an antiquated measure and 10,000 is a meaningless number but when CNBC starts running special shows to celebrate it again, the number takes on a bit more meaning (and perhaps a contrary indicator).

A couple of other blogs, picked up on the latest hot items at I've seen these survivalist specials advertised and I don't get it. Who is buying a year's worth of freeze dried food? And seriously, why? What do you think is coming --- other than another ice age to Upstate NY?

Leave it to Costco. They aren't passing judgement, they see a market need and are filling that need with freeze dried food. Apparently demand is so strong for this stuff that it's taking 6 weeks to fill orders.

This is kind of a weird rumor....

Apple to turn on secret FM Radio Transceiver

Rumor site 9to5Mac reports that Apple is on the cusp of releasing an FM radio application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. And get this: it will be for the current models, not for some new hardware revision. According to the rumor, Apple will awaken the slumbering FM transceiver already dormant within the devices, currently only used to talk to the Nike+ widget.


Thanks to everyone that put the Alexa toolbar (bugs and all) on your browser. We're now top 950k sites globally and top 178,000 in the US!!!

Cheers! I owe you an adult beverage of your choice;)

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