Friday, October 16, 2009

Is The Onion writing financial news now?

That was my first reaction when I saw this headline....

SEC to Hire Goldman's Storch to be Chief Operating Officer

Talk about the fox in the hen house. I'm sure Mr. Storch has plenty of experience in the field, but this is a job that requires a wealth of managerial skill and incredibly complex analysis of transactions to find fraud. Mr. Storch at 29, probably has 6 or 7 years of work experience, at Deloitte (yeah, Deloitte!!) and Goldman. Plus, with the bonus pool at Goldman approaching a half a million dollars per employee, who leaves Goldman at this point? Interesting career move.


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The Hermit said...

Try humming " moving on up to the east side to a deluxe apartment in the sky..." Watch this pawn....
I hear there is another czar appointment that needs filling.