Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Only 24 days to Black Friday!!

I think that I'm online more than anyone in NNY (except the people behind www.newzjunky.com), so from time to time I'll come across deals a little sooner than the average shopper.

One observation I made last week: Old Navy offered 50% off to the 1st 50 customers on a random Friday. They had a line of over 100 people a half an hour before the store opened. People really, really want to spend their money if they are getting a perceived deal, regardless of the economy. I think this will be true again this holiday season, but I think shoppers will be chasing deals more than ever.

In that spirit here are some deals that I've seen today....

1) Lowe's Black Friday sneak peak was released today. Nothing great, but the 18v 4 piece set for $59 and the 14 gallon shop vac for $29 are pretty good deals.

2) Get $25 gift certificates to Good Fellos or Sackets Harbor Brewing Co. for $4. Through restaurant.com $25 gift certificates are normally $10. However, if you use the code HARVEST at checkout you can knock 60% off the price and get a $25 gift certificate for $4. There are restrictions (Valid with a minimum purchase of $35. 1 certificate per party per table. 18% gratuity added), but at over 80% off the price is right for me take Mrs. Grindstone out for dinner.

3) Target printable coupons on toys.... you can probably find many of these online for the same price, but if you have to have it today you might just as well use a coupon.


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