Friday, November 13, 2009

The perfect place to store all of your Costco supplies

Someone passed this link along today and I was stunned that by this property on a number of levels....

"Adirondack Mountains, NY. 20 acres (or more). This is the most highly developed Atlas F site....

Just to clarify, an Atlas F site is a huge missile silo built in the 1960's at a cost of $18 million a piece.

It has a 2050 ft runway, a 2000 sq. ft home on the surface with an open floor plan, a large garage and a wrap around porch which hides the underground structure entryway. The underground structure has been converted to a 2300 sq. ft. 2-story (3 bedroom, 2 bath) luxury home with fiber optic lighting and a contemporary finished interior. The silo tube has all floors, spiral stairs and steel super-structure. Price $2.3 million.

The Silo has a climate constant 58 degree earth ambient temperature. It is 52' diameter x 178' deep / 9 floor steel superstructure. The entire steel superstructure hangs from gigantic spring suspension system designed to absorb shock of a direct nuclear hit."

Talk about the ultimate man cave!!

I would love to put some of the photos on here, but there are too many to choose me, it's worth visiting their site to see this place....


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