Sunday, January 03, 2010

Best of the Web...

Ok, so this isn't an all inclusive best of the web list, but I realized that I use a bunch very helpful websites that may be a little off of the mainstream radar.


1) - a great real estate resource. The listings are not very extensive in NNY but the site shows listing dates, prices and price reductions and can be pretty valuable in many markets.

2) - this site can be very addicting for the new car shopper. Click the model that you are looking at, add extras and voila, they tell you what people are actually paying that car. It's a valuable tool when comparison shopping and as opposed to invoice numbers, this shows actual sales data.

3) - Crazed list is craigslist on steroids. The site allows to search multiple cities at once. A surprisingly helpful job search tool (just be careful - crazed list doesn't like Explorer).

Deals and Travel

1) - Mostly tech deals but they always have a little of everything on sale.


Kayak and bing (the old provide great data for travelers. Need know the historical price on a flight from NY to LA. Run a search and you'll get a 60 day trend chart with a buy or hold recommendation. Tripadvisor provides great user generated reviews.


1 - I love While your kids "play" on the website they earn 10 grains of rice for every correct answer. The questions are math or vocabulary mostly and can be very challenging. The site is really an ad sponsored website where ads generate funding for the UN World Food program, but the kids just love filling up their bowl of rice.

2. - A pretty good movie review site that breaks down scene by scene situations in current and past movies. It helps parents navigate the pg/pg-13 minefield.

That's all I can think of right now -- any good sites that I missed?


PS - This will be post #700! Thanks for following my random thoughts over the past 18 mths.

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