Monday, January 25, 2010

Shifting Public Priorities and Who is Hiring?

It's pretty clear that the public is following along. Reducing the Federal Deficit has shot into the top seven priorities, while dealing with our energy needs has fallen out of the top 10 according to this polling done by the Pew Research Center.
However, this is perhaps the most interesting piece of data presented. If you listen to any talking heads on TV you'd think the Republicans have been fighting excessive spending for the past decade, but it's clear that the Republican party members have just recently "got religion" on the budget deficit. It's also interesting that 66% felt the budget deficit was a problem in 1997 with a Democrat as President (and as the budget was finally breaking into the GREEN), but five years later when the budget deficit was setting records with a Republican President just 27% Republicans felt the budget deficit was a problem. Ah, politics.
I also find it interesting that Rep & Dem have converged and basically have the same opinion on the Budget Deficit. There was a 15 point gap between the parties just 3 years ago. This is the sort of data that will get the Ron Paul crowd tingly all over.
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