Saturday, January 02, 2010

Well, we knew this was coming...

* This is the Rochester rate chart. The NNY rate chart may vary.
" It will soon cost you more for phone, cable and Internet service from Time Warner Cable. The company has announced monthly rate increases of 6 to 8 percent starting Feb. 1."
As I said a couple of weeks ago, the Time Warner/Fox drama was little more than smoke. There weren't any real Fox shows in jeopardy -- ok viewers of 14 Fox stations might have missed a football game or gasp, American idol. I know I was really worried about losing access to Fuel or Fox Soccer Channel, weren't you?
Well, it's a good thing we had Time Warner looking out for us, right? And as a reward for standing up for the little guy, Time Warner figures that you're good for another 5-10% each year.
Cable TV is middle class crack and there is almost no price sensitivity. People will go without many things, but they will pay that cable bill. Frankly, I'm surprised the cable companies aren't asking for more. I'm not very excited about the fact that basic cable is going into the double digits -- maybe I'll downgrade to broadcast TV in 2011 :)


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