Sunday, February 07, 2010

Friday's "rally", Gen Y and the $700k cop

The market was struggling to stay above key support levels for much of the afternoon on Friday when someone at JPMorgan flipped the switch at 2:33 and said "Let the buying commence!". It was remarkably convenient that the market rallied all the way back to finish above 10,000. Otherwise we might have had a weekend of talk shows talking about the Dow Dipping under 10,000 (btw - Dow 10,000 is just a round number. We gone above and below it like 30 times since it was first broken so it's value as a market indicator is negligible).

Greece continues to teeter in Europe and might continue to dominate the headlines in the upcoming week.

Unfortunately, Australia's economy is starting to wobble a bit because I really love their honesty...

Gen Y Too Lazy

"EMPLOYERS are refusing to hire Generation Y workers because they lack a work ethic and spend too much time talking to friends in work hours.

"Employers come to us about Gen Y, saying they're looking for a staff member but they don't want anyone in that 20s age bracket because they find they don't understand common courtesy in the workplace," Kristy-Lee Johnston, director of Footprint Recruitment told The Courier-Mail."

The $772,000/year undersheriff?

Though highly unusual, the methods San Luis Obispo County’s two top sheriff officials have adopted to double and even triple their incomes are entirely legal.

In an interesting twist, San Luis Obispo County Under Sheriff Steve Bolts is taking home between $640,000 and $772,000 this year in retirement benefits and an hourly salary, while his boss, Sheriff Pat Hedges, takes home $340,000, according to calculations based on dates provided by Bolts.

FYI - This is how you forecast the weather. This guy might not have survived the storm...


PS - My pregame 42-17 Saints Super Bowl prediction was fairly accurate. I think the house cleaned up in Vegas this weekend.

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