Sunday, February 28, 2010

Week ahead...

There are nothing but 30+ degree temperatures as far as the eye can see in the 10 day forecast so things are definitely looking up for NNY :)

The monthly jobs report will be out on Friday and that should receive a good deal of scrutiny. I think two big wild cards this month will be the impact that the snowstorms had on hiring (if any) and the first real uptick in census hiring. In fact, the next 3 months could be substantially impacted by census hiring.

European officials seem to be moving closer toward a deal to save Greece, but the German and French governments are still asking for substantial concessions and I'm not convinced that the Greek government can win those concessions from their citizens.

Two for the road:

For all of my tech friends that laugh at my 2006 style flip phone....

and this is meant to be humorous -- and it is -- but I bet you could take a photo that would mirror this image every day at the WTC path station.


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