Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Best of the web

* Mortgage modifications are lowering the payment to gross income of troubled borrowers from 80% to 60%. Remember this is 60% of their gross monthly pay before taxes, cell phone bill, cable, car, etc! The number of these people that are going to default is going to be surprisingly high in my opinion.

* Replace a gene and grow a limb - holy science Batman!

* Ex-China there is basically no construction growth in the world. "By the end of 2008, China had an estimated 60,000 km of highway. The US has 75,000 km. Over the next few years, China plans to have 85,000 km of roads.” Wow!

* Canadian markets look very, very bubbly.

* A pretty powerful forecaster has said that the markets might get pretty dicey over the next 2 months. The markets continue to power higher on little news right now, we'll see how long it continues.

* I won't link to it because of some fairly rough language, but if you google chatroulette piano improv you'll be treated to some comedy gold.


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