Sunday, March 28, 2010

Volvos coming to a Dollar Store near you soon!

Okay so that may be an exaggeration, but Geely's deal to buy Volvo from Ford signals that the times they are a changing.

"Zhejiang Geely said it planned to retain production of Volvo cars in Sweden, but it is expected to build another assembly plant for them in China, most likely near Beijing or Shanghai."

This graphic doesn't necessarily surprise me but it does seem like we might have a little excess inventory when it comes to aircraft carriers. Maybe Geely would like to pick one up from us on ebay?

Get ready for the flood of "EMPLOYMENT JUMPS IN MARCH" headlines this week. Economists expect a 190k jobs were added in March but the vast majority of the jobs added in March were Census jobs. We'll have to estimate what the impact of those jobs was to get a real projection for the month. However, that won't matter on Friday morning - the happy/happy/joy/joy cheerleaders will be out pumping up the "recovery".

Yikes, I thought NYS was going traffic ticket crazy, until I saw this data from TEXAS -

"The top forty speed traps in the state of Texas raked in a total of $178,367,093 in speeding ticket revenue between 2000 and 2008 despite having a combined population of less than 56,000 residents.

He found that the town of Westlake issued an average of 38 tickets worth $4696 each year for every resident."

This is pretty "Area 51" stuff, but if you've ever been tempted to "BUY GOLD" through one of the many ETF's that trade like a stock you might want to click over to this article. They imply that there is a MONSTER ponzi scheme in the electronic gold market right now and that if anyone actually demanded the gold that's being traded -- Houston, we'd have a problem.

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