Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Quote of the day...

Wow, this really sums up my observations....

"At the heart of America’s problems is an economic policy which is designed to keep wages down but consumption up. That necessarily means more bubbles, more debt, more wealth and income inequality, and consequently more strife and social unrest when the gravy train ends.

You cannot expect to hollow out a country’s manufacturing base, set up a bunch of McJobs to replace it, and still have consumers spend to support the economy. This is what we are now starting to realize.” - Dr. Roubini

This is a great visualization from flowing data on the growth of Walmart across the US now updated to include Sam's Club openings. It looks like a cancer cluster growing across the US.

Do you think there is a correlation between Walmart's growth and this chart?

Table 2. Age-adjusted* prevalence of overweight, obesity and extreme obesity among U.S. adults.

1960 1990 2006
BMI 25-30 31.5 32.7 32.2

BMI +30 13.4 23.2 35.5

BMI +40 0.9 3.0 6.2

Of course, Walmart isn't the sole cause, but I'd argue they've been a contributing factor to the rising rate of obesity in the US.


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