Sunday, May 30, 2010

Have a great weekend!

The weather couldn't be better in our part of the world and I hope you are enjoying some time with friends and family.

Please ignore the urge to read up on the destruction of the Gulf of Mexico after the failure of the top kill - it doesn't seem like it ever worked at anything other than slowing the leak briefly and "postponing" the release of the bad news so that it hit the news cycle on Saturday night.

If you're looking to waste 11 minutes this video is outstanding. It breaks down what really motivates us as employees. I think they creator of the video has hit on a key dysfunction within so many US companies. Since, every corporation is driven by a profit motive, they assume that all employees are also driven to strive for greater financial rewards. It appears that this is not the case for anything beyond simple mechanical tasks. In fact, it appears that the science says you just have to pay people enough to make money a non-issue. When, you hit that point people will start to deliver greater products and better customer service as they strive to achieve mastery in their field. Keep tempting them with $$$ and you tend to get a store full of products that break upon use or a company specializing in customer disservice.

I know there are more than a few of you on the email distribution list that will recognize your company in this video. Oh and the stop motion graphics used here are pretty entertaining.

Fire up the grill!

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