Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Did someone trip the extension cord at 33 Liberty St?

The autobots pulled their bids at the end of the day the market sank like a lead balloon. It was an unusual reaction during an otherwise uneventful day.

On the flip side, Japan's Prime Minister resigned tonight and that will lead to weakness in the Yen, strength in the Euro and green signs in the AM. We'll see if it carries over throughout the day.

Favorite stories of the night:

* The Pemex/Ixtoc spill from 1979 - a less complicated spill that took 10mths to fix.

* Payroll numbers will be all over the map on Friday. Expectations are for 540k new jobs but up to 400k of these jobs will be temporary census jobs. The headlines will scream 540k NEW JOBS! Unemployment DOWN! Keep in mind that the trend seems to be another dip in employment b/c April had about 220k new jobs ex-census vs expectations of 130k-150k for May.

* These are some crazy over-the-top ideas, but I'd love to see us consider a feasibility study of these wild plans.

* Actual headline of the day "Our summer will be cooler....Unless it's not".

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