Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The double down now has some competition...

Why have just another artery clogging burger with a plain old bun, when you could be enjoying two grilled cheese sandwiches enveloping your burger? I present the new Friendly's Grilled Cheese Burgermelt.

From the Friendly's website:

1500 Calories
870 Fat Calories
79g Total Fat
38g Saturated Fat
180g Cholesterol
2090mg Sodium
101g Carbs
9g Dietary Fiber
4g Sugar
54g Protein

The day is coming when food like this is going to be hit with a 100% tax surcharge.

I will note however that I have a real affinity for grilled cheese sandwiches and in a moment of weakness at 2am after a night out with the boys I could definitely see my younger self ordering 2 of these with a side of cheese fries :)


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