Thursday, June 24, 2010

How many people will line up for the iBrick?

I've always wondered if there was threshold of pain for Apple zealo... I mean customers. Perhaps the latest iphone that has millions lining up around the globe might just test their patience. Apparently, the phone either drops calls or loses coverage when held a certain way. You can resolve the issue by installing what is basically a large rubber band around your latest high-tech gizmo, but I think that might turn off more than a few fanboys.

Apple has done nothing but crush everyone's expectations for the past 7 years we'll see if they can keep their mojo.

A couple of surprisingly positive data points:

1) Hotel occupancy increased 5.8 percent to 66.7 percent. The average daily rate rose 1.1 percent to US$98.03 and revenue per available room rose 7.0 percent to US$65.36.

Business travel seems to be accounting for the bulk of this pick up, but I'm not sure how long it will last.

2) This isn't truly a positive, but 30 yr mortgage rates hit a record low of 4.69% this week. This is a positive for the 12 people left in the US looking to buy a house with a traditional mortgage. In fact, it reflects the weaker global economy which increases demand for treasury bonds which pushes up their price and lowers the yield on t-notes.

I'll let you try to filter out the garbage from the truth coming out of the Gulf region but things seem to be getting materially worse. The only good news seems to be that the relief well is running ahead of schedule.


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The Hermit said...

I think they should start stuffing all those fat congressmen into the well pipe. That will stop the stupid leak. Lets start with Janet, BIG SiS, What border? then throw in Barney Frank, Gawd what a couple..ok ok, I'll get another cup of coffee.