Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blatant self-promotion

Many Clayton residents have spent countless hours locked in strange town basements during the long, dark winters hours with visions of a wonderful new athletic event to be hosted in Clayton during the summer.

Well, the finish line is now in sight and the River Rat Triathlon is nearly upon us. Here is what you my loyal readers can do to help make this an overwhelming success:

Time: 9am
Place: Centennial Park (Basically head into Clayton and head toward Riverside Drive)

1) Sign up! If you're feeling feisty the triathlon ironperson is the best bet. Just swim 600m, bike 18 miles and run a 5k. It's 2 hours of pain for the average Joe or Jane. We've even added a Kayak (3 miles)/Bike/Run division for the aquatically challenged - present company included :).

If that seems like too much to bite off for your first race consider signing up as a TEAM. Recruit a kayaker or swimmer, a biker and a runner and off you go. So what are you waiting for Sign UP!

2) Volunteer! We are going to need lots of help directing traffic, filling water cups, handing out timing chips, etc. You can contact me at or with VOLUNTEER in the subject line. Just give us your contact info and we'll put you on the list!

3) Cheer on the participants! Some of the best races I've participated in have great local support. Grab your best cow bell and line the route to cheer on the bikers and runners or come down to the finish line on Riverside Drive.

This event would not have come off with out the support of our sponsors

Aubertine & Currier
Phinney's Foundation
Haylor, Freyer & Coon
Caskinette Throttle

and of course the driving forces behind the event: Alicia Dewey of TIYLO, Brian Jones of Aubertine and Currier, Diane Leonard (a tireless volunteer for what seems like every major non-profit in NNY), and Jan Brabant of TI Adventures.

Cheers and just TRI it!

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