Monday, October 04, 2010

Mmmm, tasty.

Since everyone was so enthralled by the "mouse in the bread" photo, I thought I'd share my favorite food related stories and images of the weekend.
So, what's your best guess for this beautiful product made in the heartland of the US?

A) Strawberry Yogurt?
B) Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream? or
C) Mechanically Separated Chicken?
Before you SNAP into your next SLIM JIM remember this image of mechanically separated chicken which is defined as "a paste-like poultry product produced by forcing crushed bone and tissue through a sieve or similar device to separate bone from tissue."
Since the corn lobby is tired of getting a bad rap for creating a national obesity epidemic by flooding the market with "high fructose corn syrup", they are considering a name change to the much more innocent sounding "corn sugar".
"The name is confusing, and consumers don’t understand that it has the same calories as sugar,” said Ms. Erickson, of the Corn Refiners Association. “They also think it’s sweeter tasting. That’s why the alternate name provides clarity for consumers when it comes to the ingredient composition and helps them better understand what’s in their foods.”
While I try to avoid HFCS, I agree that scientifically, it's not that different from the other sugar alternatives. HFCS is more dangerous because of the substantial corn subsidies offered by the government which makes HFCS extremely cheap relative to other sugars. The low cost of HFCS has led to it's excessive use in a variety of foods, particularly low cost foods that have limited nutritional value.
Cheers and enjoy those chicken patties!

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