Monday, October 11, 2010

Postal workers delay vote because ballots are "lost in the mail"?

From my "so crazy it has to be true" file....

"Members of the American Postal Workers Union, for obvious reason, elect their national officers via mail ballot. Most postal clerks, who sort the mail, belong to the union. Their union brothers with the National Association of Letter Carriers deliver the mail. And their track record, considering the massive daily mail volume, is very good.

Most of the time.

Normally the APWU election committee would be counting ballots this week, at the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel downtown. But there has been a problem. So far only 39,071 ballots have been received which is only a small percentage of the union's membership and a much lower total than in past elections.

So what happened to all those mail ballots?

You got it!

They seem to be lost in the mail."

To quote one of my favorite Seinfeld lines "That's gold, Jerry, gold!"

According to the union a lot of members say they haven't received their ballots. So...

They've extended the voting deadline to Oct. 14. "

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