Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I told you it's a weather balloon

I find the snarky chart very funny.

For the record, the military and FAA have really bungled this news story out of California about a "missile" launch. I seen some fairly convincing evidence that this was just a plane viewed from a unique angle and it seems like the FAA should be able to prove this fairly quickly with radar data. However, they've wasted a day debating this while it's dominated the web news cycle for the past 12 hours.

Data check:

Diesel shipments dipped in October and that seems to indicate that truckload shipments have fallen heading into the holiday season. This could indicate a weaker than expected holiday season.

Gallup’s Economic Confidence Index averaged -22 over the first week of November — an improvement from the monthly readings of -29 in October and -33 in September — and tying the best monthly reading of 2010. A surprising 55% of consumers still say the economy is getting worse, but the cumulative index has clearly improved as the stock market has shot up over the past 2 months - maybe the Fed is onto something with their "QE2 = higher stock prices" plan.


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Anonymous said...

That "missle launch" was not a unique experience. I was on a private boat off Santa Catalina Island aprox 3 weeks ago, and saw the exact same thing. Interestingly enough it was the same day that they tested the Virgin space vehicle and I assumed it was that.