Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Best graphs of the day

There is a great deal of talk about the direction of the internet over the past few days with pending FCC rulings. While this chart doesn't relate to those issues it does highlight the future of the internet as many industry players see it. Basically, the major players want the internet to become similar to the cable model - where you get what you pay for. If you want youtube - pay up, facebook - pay up, google - pay up.

This chart comes from a firm that sells software to monitor web usage and offers their vision for charging you for what you use. The irony of one of the companies providing this slide is being called OPENET is apparently lost on them. While this could be a huge boost to the telecom/cable providers (ATT, Verizon, Time Warner) I think this would be a huge negative for the US and it would further limit our standing in the wired world.

I read these two stats today with some surprise:
1) The US has close to 1,000 military bases, stations and outposts around the world.

2) While our defense budget is a staggering $711 BILLION, there are estimates that we spend another $600 billion/year in "off-budget" military items for a total $1.3 trillion. That's insane.

We can't have a serious discussion about our budget woes without at least admitting that the above chart is a little out of whack. Cut our defense budget to $250 billion and it still would be twice that of China. I think we can still support our military personnel without taking out a payday loan at 48% interest for the next 78 years.

The headlines are screaming at us to take note of the terrible winter weather around the globe. However, this chart clears things up a bit in my opinion.

This map is centered on Greenland and it shows departures from historical norms. Red is warmer than normal and blue is colder than normal. This shows that a powerful high pressure (warm weather system) remains planted over Greenland and that is causing much lower temperatures in Europe and the Northeast of the US. However, since there are only about 12 people that live in Greenland or the Canadian Maritimes - where it's much warmer than normal - and there are millions of people in the Northeast US, UK and France - where it's colder than normal - the news seems to be skewed toward "We're all going to freeze to death" :).
This isn't a global warming/global cooling argument - this is a weather phenomena that's causing a cold snap here and a warming trend in Greenland. I may start looking at waterfront properties in Greenland if this keeps up though :)


Unknown said...

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