Monday, December 20, 2010

This sums it up pretty well

Best headline of the morning has to go to the Wall Street Journal

"US Stock Futures Gain On Heightened Korea Tension"

You see both peace AND war are great for stocks :)

You have to love Costco. No other store in America would carry in their food category both of these SKUs:

1) D'Artagnan Premium American Kobe – Style, Wagyu Beef Prime Rib Roast for $199 or $28/lb. Hurry and buy today for the Investment Banker on you Christmas list while it's $80 off!


2) Shelf Reliance THRIVE™ 1-year, 4-person Supply Freeze-dried & Dehydrated Food
18,485 Total Servings
. I'd say hurry and buy this today for your crazy uncle who lives on that compound in Montana but they are SOLD OUT of this at $2,999.

Happy Holidays!

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Anonymous said...

It is sold out. I have placed an order. and no, I am not joking. There is no downside risk to that small cost of protection.