Friday, January 28, 2011

Superbowl tickets for $288K (parking not included)

I just love this stubhub seller. They've got 23 seats in an owners club suite at Cowboys Stadium for the Superbowl. Fully catered for the big game. Asking price? Just $288,400.

Who knows maybe Mark Zuckerberg is a huge Packers fan or something and he's dying to take 22 of his other "friends" to the Superbowl (sidenote: that would actually be a pretty great promotional gimmick for Facebook - Friend Mark and have a chance to join him at the Superbowl).

While down in the seller comments it does include a note that 4 parking passes are included, the actual bid price states that PARKING of $15 is not included. You know if you pay $288k for Superbowl tickets you'd think they would through in the parking, right? Not in Jerrah's world :)

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