Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's all good

* Libya is firing on it's citizens and seems to be heading toward civil war.

* Oil jumps 9% in a day (expect gas prices to jump 20% just because you can afford it).

* Italy loses control of it's stock market and 10% of it's natural gas imports from Libya.

* Housing prices continue to fall and are back to their lowest level since June of 2009.

* The riots won't come to the US though until this story gets traction......

McDonald's seems to be skimping on the Supersize fries

"University student and McDonald's regular Allen Hsu wanted to find out if he was getting value for money when he up-sized his medium McDonald's combo to the large size after he became concerned at the similarity between the two sizes.

The 18-year-old counted the number of french fries in three packs of medium McDonald's fries and three packs of large fries and found his initial suspicions proved right - there were only 14 more french fries in a large size of McDonald's fries compared with the medium size.
Mr Hsu also found one pack of large fries had only one more chip than one of the medium servings.

"It's 70 cents extra to upgrade the fries so my friends and I decided to see if it was worth it. I don't think it's worth it any more for an extra three or four fries," said Mr Hsu.

Independent tests conducted by the Herald yielded similar results to Mr Hsu's experiment, finding there was only a 12 french fry difference between the medium and large sizes at McDonald's and, in terms of weight, only a 13g difference.

However, the market mavens are back from the long weekend and telling everyone it's all good on Wall Street.

Well, just when you assume that the buyers would blindly buy the dip, they don't look to be ready to come to the market's rescue today.

This is one of the problems with the "market must always go up" mentality. We have chased the shorts (those betting on stock declines) from the market. Today's short interest is back at it's lowest level in 4 years. In a normal market when stocks start to decline the shorts will take some of their profits by buying back stock. However, in a market that is devoid of serious short interest when stocks start to decline there is no one to step in and provide support to the market.

I think it's important to note that while our markets are down, the middle east is in turmoil (protesters are massing in Bahrain again), and oil is spiking, but the second most viewed story on CNN.com is about Justin Beiber's haircut. As long as we have our priorities straight.

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