Thursday, February 03, 2011

Stats of the day

The impact of rising gas and food prices on the poor in the US is dramatic and was pointed out to me a couple of days ago. I think that there are two factors in this chart that are not factored in:
1) The rural poor have a higher proportion of their income dedicated to gasoline because they have further driving.
2) The urban poor have few options for food purchases (there are not many SuperWalmart's in East Orange), so they tend to pay even more for their food products. It would be hard to demonstrate this data in a chart but it should be noted.
The Packers and Steelers have 26 players on their roster that weigh over 300lbs. In 1980 there were 3 guys over 300lbs in the entire NFL. Nope, no HGH here move along please.....
Remember there's plenty of deflation in Ithingy's and LCD TVs so feel free to ignore that inflation you see next time you hit the store.
"Here are the 6-month price percentage moves in some of the things people need to live with:
Cotton = +125.7%
Sugar = +82.6%
Corn = +59.0%
Coffee = +41.4%
Rice = +40.5%
Oats = +36.6%
Copper = +36.1%
Lumber = +33.8%
Oil = +25.1% "
Rice is up 11% in 4 days. Cotton jumped 5% yesterday. If you're a farmer with a field full of cotton, sugar cane, corn or rice it's time to sell and retire to Boca. If you need sugar, coffee or rice to live (like a few billion people in China/India/Bangladesh) you might want to mention to Chairman Bernanke that you're seeing a little inflation on the street.

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