Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Time to Rage Against the Machine in NYC

Okay, so I'm clearly a bit biased as a cyclist with my bike propped up in my living room 24/7, but this story out of NYC is crazy.

"Dave Jordan of the Century Road Club Association tells us that at least six or seven cyclists received speeding tickets this morning for biking over 15 mph (not the actual speed limit), and cyclist Dave Chomowicz, who took this photo, says, "They had a radar gun out. One or two riders in the picture and two of my teammates were ticketed, and some triathletes got tickets."

"Cyclist Greg Lowdermilk, a disabled Iraq war veteran who works for FEMA, tells us he got hit with a $140 speeding ticket. "The speed limit is actually 25 mph, and I got a ticket for going 25 in a 25," says Lowdermilk. "I know this because I have a computer on my bike."

While we're covering the world of government efficiency please note:

* 12 years after a tornado ripped through a town over 100 tornado warning sirens are gathering dust.

* Two years after it was completed a $60,000 Rosa Parks statue is still in it's shipping crate in the lobby of the building that bears her name.

* How to end up on the government's no-fly list in one easy step? Inquire about interfaith marriages.....

Oh, and the nuclear plant in Japan that is definitely not going to be another Chernobyl is having more problems tonight as temperatures have spiked and radiation levels have soared. As Kevin Bacon said in Animal House "Remain Calm. All is Well!!!!"

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